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 忘れたくない。その時々に起こったこと、 思ったこと、感じたこと、考えたこと。

by pennta12

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so tired!!!

i wake up at 6 a.m.

because today, i attended to WFT meeting on skype!!
but i couldn't hear what they say, i'm little nervouse.

but when i saw that everyone took notes, i feel so good.
because we have so many people who cooperate with us!

the reading exam returned!!
i got 80%!! so so good!

after lunch time, i met mexican girl in front of the school!

it is the destiny!!
i took photos with her!
and i make a commitment to drink with! Fuckin' great!!

after school, i went to Union to make a SIN card with Yasushi!
and went to a seaside!!so beautiful!
i took a vow of going here with girls in summer!!

today is also special day!
because Henz who always gets into mischief and me drunk "ATUKAN" on the street at night!!! and there are beautiful flower like cherry blossom!!! Effin' "HANAMI"
so good! so fantastic!! oh my god!!!
i wanna drink with him at the same place again!!

good night
have a sweet dream!
by pennta12 | 2009-04-30 12:57

29.Apr 消えない内に
















by pennta12 | 2009-04-29 13:50


i took a grammar test which is once a month.
i couldn't do about "time diffrence" so difficult.

but lucklly!! my mexican friend kissed me!!
it was thier culture!!but i was so pleased!! kkk

i tried to speak english as possible as i can.
what astonished me was that my english skills and Yasushi's english skills are not
so difference!
i can't say that my english skills have already exceed his.
but i notes that i don't dread failure, my english are getting better and better!!
so ill steer my enegry to improve my english!!
this notice tempts to study english more!!

and after dinner. i spent 4 hours on provision for tomorrow writing test!!

so today is a fantastic day for me!!
i reassure that i can do eveything if i think i can!
nothing is impossible!!!

good night
have a sweet dream
by pennta12 | 2009-04-28 14:11


i went to the hair salom to cut my hair!!
i arrived and suddenly, i thought of having my hair permed.
so i orderd. this is my first time to perm!!
do you wanna see?
wait a minute, ill update on mixi!!

and after that, i went shopping with YASUSHI, MANAMI, and REINA who is Korian.

i bought sun-glasses!! Fuckin' cool!
they recommended to me! and i decided ASAP.

i knew that YASUSHI's English was so good!
his english skills ascended dramatically.

so i took a vow of overtaking him in english skills!!!
after i ate dinner, i made provision for tomorrow's test!!

this week is my KGIC last week!
so I'll do my best to take photos with friends!! kkk

good night
have a sweet dream!
by pennta12 | 2009-04-27 13:06


i wake up at 1:30 p.m. cuz im so tird!
i decided that today is a study day!
but i did only homework.xo

i watched DVD of THE BACK HORN!!
when KIZUNA-SONG started and listened

"if everybody felt happiness, nobody could create songs."

i cried. i don't why. but it was so impressive and emotional.

WFT might has dumb dreams , but we belive it is splended dreams and make them reality!!!

tomorrow, im gonna cut my hair at osgood and after,
ill hang out YASUSHI and but sun-glasses!!

good night
have a sweet dream
by pennta12 | 2009-04-26 15:19


today is friday! tomorrow is holiday!! Effin' great!!

i played soccer!!
todays opponents were high-school students.
they are native canadians!
How about is the result?

of course we won!! score is 7-0!!!a-ha!

i got a chance to made native canadians friends!
and i made freiends who is 16-year-old native canadian!

i arrived at home and at first, i cheacked my e-mails.
and then, surprised to get so many them!!
but i was pleased at the same time!
cuz everyone did do thier works!!
i love you!!

i chated on the internet with Yuri.
i made her wake up. so sorry.
but we had a good time for each other!! wasn't it??

and after that, i did a chit chat with Satomi!
wow, i called two WFT princess at one day!! awesome! kkk

and we worked together!!
i hadn't work together for a long time!
it was so fantastic!
i strongly felt that we were partner!s!

we thought of a genious plan!!
so maybe she is gonna say about that!

and suddenly, i said '37458' was a good song!
and she said why you knew it? could you listen this?

but i couln't understand what she said.

acctually, she just listened the 37458!
and she thought that i could listen that and then, i said it.

but, i can vow god, i could listen nothing from her!!

so we did telepathy!!! oh my god!!

this weekend, im gonna cut and dye my hair!
and hang out with Yasushi who is my japanese KGIC friends!

good night
have a sweet dream.
by pennta12 | 2009-04-25 14:08


today, i talked to Mexican girl!
she is so so cute thought.
and we changed tabacoo each other!
tabacco helps me to talk to girls! kkk

and my roommate,Jindo,moved to new house
so im sad cuz our house has only two students include me.
and he is same school but, im gonna go to new school next month.
so i cant meet him...


everyone said that solitude is felt most in the middle of the night.
but i have never felt solitude in tronto!
and i'll have never felt it.
cuz i love night! so darkness and quiet!! awesome!

i took a vow of excluding a language barrier!,
and my english evolution helps me to achive it!!
Don't forget! i should improve my english skills and my breadth of mind together!!

good night.
have a sweet dream!
i hope you not to have a nightmare!
by pennta12 | 2009-04-24 14:31


i have been learning so many words and idioms.
so i decided to use them in my diary!!

today is also rainy day... it is a grotsky.

but 23.Apr is the earth day!!
The headline of metoro which is free paper was "The earth day"!!
do you know the day?

me? of course,i don't know exsactly. kkk
maybe it concept is that all people lived in earth think about earth emviroment conservation.
in short, pleses protect our earth!!

but i did nothing about that.
because so tired...

and after arriving home, i slept as soon as possible.
and then something dripped down on my face..

hostdaughter had a watergun and she shot me water..

and 2 Saudi arabians ,Aziz and Abudurara, moved to new house.
im littel nervous....

and i made the presentation about 1st matches in Canada for Coummnity Centers and Fair-trade companies.

and i'll go to bet by 12:30!!

good night
have a good dream
by pennta12 | 2009-04-23 13:18



today is so so good day for me!

i found the japanese girl who went to the party with the French girl!!
and we exchanged phone numbers!
but i want you to say that i don't love her.
my friend is very serious and i just cheer up him!

and today's extra class was so difficult.
i understood nothing. but i'll take a test this thuseday. What's the Fuck!!
i have no idea to get a good score. shit!!!

and after having dinner, i called Tomo.
we decided our paln to travel south-America! but is not perfect yet!
we should decide in detals.

and i did my homework.
i'll take a shower and after that, ill sleep.

after arriving here, i can't take a rest enough.
actually, i haven't benn accustomed to live in Toronto yet,
so i should take a rest more.
so i'll sleep earlyer today.

good night
have a good dream!
by pennta12 | 2009-04-22 13:33


i went to the beach with Henz and Masaki.

it was a so cold weather, but sea was so gooooooood!!

and we wanted to get something to eat and walked for 20 minitues.
Finally, we found the rest house, but it had already closede, what's the Fuck!!!!

and we took a bus and went to the Japanese resraurant.
i ate UNAGI! so so good,
Henz, he is a crazy taiwanese , orderd 15 saimons. :-o...
and the restaurant serviced us a unagi!!
unagi is servise!!!!!!! what's up!!!!!! tell me why?
if i knew that before, i have never orderd it!!! ummm..

and after we arrived the house, i should study.
but i slept as soon as possible. +o+

and today, i wake up at 6:00am and sent e-mail to WFT staff mailinglist.
the e-mail ,it cheer up staff, is ignored everyone.... oh!shit!!!!!!!

and after school. i slept , ate dinner and study till now.

so tired, today is just monday.
we have four more day... tell me why...

Cheer up!!!!!!!!

good night
have a good dream.
by pennta12 | 2009-04-21 14:05